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20 Worst Construction Fails

A balcony without a view


This is some construction feat. Imagine going through all the trouble of building a balcony, complete with what looks like wrought iron railings, just to leave out the actual physical and visual access of the balcony.

Don’t open the attic window


How clever is this? Take the trouble of putting in a window in the attic to get some light and fresh air in. Then brick it up from the inside. We think that this exercise in futility totally defies logic.

Curve-ball home


This one has us scratching our heads, literally! Did the architect really not notice the phallic symbolism of the aerial view of this building? Not to mention the nightmare of furnishing a house built round the bend.

Stairway to…


Designed specifically to only get the double zero-sized models to the exclusive top floor, this staircase is the true mark of architectural genius. It’s a cleverly devised trick to make sure that only the slimmest of the slim (and the flattest of the flat) shall pass.

Misaligned: Two sides of the bridge


Not as uncommon as one would think, small (but oh-so-costly) mistakes in civil engineering results in bridges which have gaps in the middle. It also makes them look utterly foolish.

Purpose-defying ramp


Another one for the ‘what-were-they-thinking’ series. You build a wheelchair ramp which literally drives you round the bend for no good reason, only to terminate with stairs. This is at once a cruel challenge and plain ol’ fashioned senseless.

Stairs interrupted


A novel idea, surely. It’s an external fire escape for seasoned circus acrobats. Not only would they have to escape the building which is supposedly engulfed in flames, but they would also have to overcome the obstacles posed by this fine piece of work!

Double palm park drive


Double face-palm. Palm trees planted in the middle of a double driveway? Double trouble, more like it! Hopefully the owners of this cleverly-designed driveway are precision drivers who are well experienced with maneuvering round trees in order to get the car from the garage to the driveway.



There you are being healthy and environmentally-friendly and using the bike lane, when splat… You hit the asphalt with a resounding thud. Did your goodie-two-shoes self, forget about the poles planted along the way, just to make sure that you’re on your toes? No – well that’s why you ended up on your bottom, isn’t it?

Future forward


Ahead of its time, this masterpiece was constructed looking to the future, when cars will fly and we can park them on the first floor. Because using the ground floor to store cars, is so blasé!

Passageway pipe


A door is a marvelous thing to behold. Especially when one can actually pass through it upon entering and exiting the building, in this case. Just a friendly note to the construction team.

Statement Doors


Why place a door at ground level, when it would look so much prettier starting half way through? And just for originality’s sake and for reasons of aesthetic design one could try to go for a door that is placed a good four feet above the ground. Interesting, no?

Not tall enough!


We have no idea what lies behind this door. The handle is out of reach and we just couldn’t be bothered to get a ladder and check it out. Since the door is completely pointless, it probably leads nowhere, anyway.



By definition, the bridge (one of the most solid architectural structures) is meant to provide a passage way over physical obstacles (such as a river, valley, under-road, or even a swimming pool). The architect might have planned to have the bridge going over the pool, however the construction team seems to have thought otherwise, and decided to move the bridge over the ground, just for giggles!

The curious case of the emergency exit to nowhere


Because when you’re running for an emergency exit, who cares where it leads to, right? That’s why some clever folks have built an emergency exit which ends a few feet shy of the ground. Just think of it… after the ordeal of having to run through a building for your life, you find that the safety of the emergency exit is missing a safety net or a trampoline or someone to make sure you land safely on the ground.

Off the beaten track


You’ve heard about thinking out of the box, coloring out of the lines and taking the road less travelled. Well, now we’ve got another one to add to the list: laying a path outside of the access gate. We bet you’re asking why? Well, sorry but we don’t have that particular answer just yet. Don’t hold your breath!

The door to nowhere


People, who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones. Particularly if the access door to their house leads to nowhere, just like this one, which feels like a set from some scary movie where the protagonist can see the outside world and lives in a quasi-fish bowl world, which she cannot get out of!

Stairway to… the ceiling


A bit like a parody-tribute to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. The reasoning behind these stairs is as confusing as it is insane: stairs leading all the way up to the soffit. Perhaps it’s some kind of office-related tribute to Harry Potter’s room under the stairs?

Gated access


I can see Sheldon standing in front of the gate knocking and shouting in order to get inside, because – of course – the proper way to enter premises is through a gate. There’s no fence you say? But the proper way…!



Never seen before is this stunning piece of total lack of reason, with an access door hanging freely from the ceiling of a lecture room. As though it were some floating secret access portal to a parallel universe, where students instantaneously download knowledge, rather being forced to sit and listen to endless hours of lectures.

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