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25+ Of The Most Creative Business Cards Ever

Cosmetic Surgeon Business Card


What can this plastic surgeon do for you? The business card says it all. Dr. Hajnal Kiprov demonstrates his services of breast enhancement through two rubber inserts in the card. It shows what kind of results that can be done by using him as a Plastic Surgeon…creative right?

Yoga Trainer Business Cards


Complements of the yoga director, Johnna Smith, from yogaone. The finger holes allow the recipient to interact with the card and complete the image. If you are ever in Charlotte, NC and want to do yogo…this ones a winner.

Cheese Grater Business Card


Brazilian cheese specialized store Bon Vivant creates this creative miniature grater business card. The grater is made of light metal, and has the size of a classic business card. Grater card could grate all sort of cheese, that’s why it became a great gift.

Tearable Divorce Lawyer Business Card


Things fall apart in life on a daily basis, so why not make your business card do it too. This card for a divorce lawyer is excellent – if only all split ups were this clean. Notice that the card has contact information on both sides.

Yoga Mat Business Card


A simple, yet very creative business card for Vancouver yoga center. The card rolls just like a yoga mat.

Fitness Trainer’s Tearable Business Card


Zohra Mouhetta helps you strip away your belly! To stand out from all the leave-behinds people receive every day, they designed a unique, foldable business card that invites the recipient to interact with it.

Designer’s Seed Packet Business Card


Leaving a lasting impression with plantable business cards that grow!

Circumciser’s Business Card


Ismet Dural is a circumciser who owns a clinic. “To spread his contact details in his area, he needed an easy and economical solution.” Looks like he did just that with this company.

Event Photographer’s Viewfinder Business Card


Transparent business card of professional event photographer Norris Mantooth designed to look like a camera viewfinder. This unique business card sure does set any photography business apart from the masses!

Dentist’s Cavity Business Card


Great card with a die-cut demonstrating what the business does. In this case the dentist removing cavities. Still doesn’t make us feel better about going to the dentist…so keep that apple a day.

Stretchy Personal Trainer’s Business Card


Poul Nielsen Personal Trainer business card is impossible to read unless…you do a little stretching exercise. Potential clients will get a good workout just by reading the card!

Hair Dresser Business Cards


Cut along the dotted lines on the back of the card and you can create the hairstyle of your dreams. While most business cards end up in a drawer, I’m thinking these fun little characters will get prime real estate on your desk and maybe remind you to book your next haircut!

Cigarette Filter Business Card


Great business card idea for cannapreneurs. Utility is the way to the smoker’s heart

Buy/Sell Investment Representative Business Cards


Is it a bull or bear market? Won’t matter because Franco Caligiuri has you covered on both ends.

Yoga Center Straw


A straw and a business advertising tool all in one. When you bend the straw, the image of the women bends with it! Okay so it’s not really a card but you have to admit it’s pretty clever…right?

Sommelière Wineglass Business Card


It’s always a great time for wine! Business cards are no exception.

Your Own Personal Lego Agent


This may be one of the coolest perks of working at Lego. Getting your own mini figurines as business cards! Reserved mostly for leadership so you’ll have to climb the ladder to get one of these.

Picture Frame Business Card


If you sell picture frames there really is no better way than giving people mini picture frames. From the agency – “We turned his business cards into the frames that he produces every day, so that potential buyers could more easily decide which ones would suit them.”

Stylish Transparency Business Card


Have a little fun with pictures using this stylish and cool business card.

Makeup Business Card


A kiss to seal the deal when it comes to selling makeup.

Toy Chair Business Card


This fun business card let’s you have a little fun by building it. Take apart the card and you’ll be able to put together a chair! I wish we had one of these right now so we could build them.

Miniature Plumber’s Plunger With Contact Information


From the agency – “We are proud to be the creative mind behind conceptualizing and design of the original mini plungers and their guerrilla marketing campaign. We conjured up the idea of having them stuck all over the city on windows, bus-stops, cars, mirrors, walls, toilets, and more. It also makes for a clever business card.”

Seed Packet Business Card


Business cards that essentially double as seed packets. Cards were letter-pressed, stuffed with grass seed and glued by hand. The front of the card bears the company’s green logo along with mailing address, phone number and URL. The back of the packet says, “For best results, spread seeds then add Lush.”

Bike Multi-Tool Business Card


Yes, carrying a multi-tool isn’t the hardest thing in the world but always remembering to have one on you is!

Classic Rock Theme Business Card


MODhair is the Rome Rock ‘n Roll hair salon. This comb plays a classic rock theme when rubbed by fingernail, using the same principle of a musicbox comb.

Transformable Cargo Box Business Card


Need something shipped via cargo? Look no further the guys at TAM Cargo have you covered with this unique and cool business card. The card turns into a little box…that looks like a cargo box you ship!

Restaurant Salt Shaker Business Card


An outstandingly good business card design. The pure minimalism and powerful execution of the concept makes for an unforgettable card. The raised text and the salt shaker holes really make this a unique one.

Survival Training Dried Meat Business Card


The edible business card you could eat but probably wouldn’t want to…but hey atleast it’s an option.

Tennis Business Card


Denia Salu Tennis Academy has tennis court business card that work perfectly. The card even comes with both grass and clay courts!

Grillable Business Card


The business card was stamped using lemon juice as ink. When you put the card against fire, the scientific effect between heat and lemon juice causes the stamped contact info to appear.

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