7 Motorcycles That Are a Huge Waste of Money

Motorcycles deliver the thrill and pure joy of cruising on the road on your own and offer a sense of freedom and excitement no car could provide. Purchasing a motorcycle with a lot of power and with several additional features maybe tempting, no matter how it costs.

Here’s a quick review of 7 motorcycles that are huge waste of money!

MTT Y2K Turbine Streetfighter


In order to have a high speed performance, Y2K was built lightly with a jet engine reaching up to 420 horsepower. But, unlike previous jet powered bikes, the Y2K does not have the ability to burn holes in nearby vehicles, because the power is routed through a two speed gearbox, which makes the engine very loud. The price tag of $175,000 is somewhat mitigated by the street fighter’s unusual ability to consume whatever fuel you happen to have lying around.

Confederate B120 Wraith


B120 Wraith was designed and constructed with carbon fiber and other materials in a new and unusual ways. The appearance does not resemble remotely to any standard motorcycle or even it does not have a killer performance to command a price tag of $92,000.

Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa


Suzuki Habayusa was released in 1999 and was claimed to be the fastest motorcycle to date, holding a speed record of 188 miles per hour. And in spite of its high performance and higher speed, people can’t have enough and won’t stop till they get more. AEM Carbon Fiber Habayusa was released to cater public demands, a newer version of Habayusa wherein most of its parts was made with carbon fiber to reduce the weight, but adds up the price upto $160,000 compared to a regular Habayusa for just $15,000 which is about $150,000 more performance than most people will ever need.

Ecosse Spirit ES1


Ecosse Spirit was a collaboration of McLaren F1 designer Dick Glover and Ferrari F1 designer Andy le Fleming who aimed to develop a high performance motorbike by incorporating f1 design concept. The goal was to repackage the internal layout in a narrower profile to allow the bike and rider to fit together. However, the team had only produced a non-functioning wind tunnel test model; its price tag of $3.6 million would have been a complete waste of money.

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship


The Cosmic Starship was created in collaboration with Jack Armstrong, an artist that hand painted the motorcycle’s design, which added a $1 million price tag on it. A V-rod normally retails around $16,000, which makes an unnecessary applied paint cost of $984,000.

MV Agusta F4 CC


F4 CC is a rare breed of motorbike, a limited edition 200 horsepower Italian Superbike that retails at $120,000. It is made with incomparable design, performance and speed. However, 2011 models have almost identical features with a much cheaper price of $26,000, and offer slightly more horsepower, which makes the F4 CC a huge waste of money.

Dodge Tomahawk

In 2003, Dodge has introduced this non-road-going show type vehicle. It has drawn press and industry attention for its astonishing design. However, there were some arguments whether it was a motorcycle or a car because it was built with two wheels at the front and back. Not only that, a V10 Dodge Viper engine was also used in this vehicle. Media had some speculations about the Tomahawk’s top speed, in which Dodge claimed it could run at 300 to 420 miles per hour. Car enthusiasts were also having doubts about it, and said that this isn’t a motorcycle but a narrow car. Tagged as a “Rolling Sculpture” by its manufacturer, Tomahawk was not tested on the road and only nine replicas were sold for $555,000 each. Wonder how many of these were left unsold and were just sitting on the factory.

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