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Hot or Not Ranks The Hottest Females in America Based off of Score




Kicking of the list via Hot or Not, ranking “The Hottest Females in America Based off of Score”, is the city of Boston. A city that is older than the country it resides in, Boston is one of those places in America that is worth checking out for its historical as well as industrial appeal.

Another staple of Boston, becoming synonymous with its culture is the bevy of beautiful women that inhabit the city. Notables like Eliza Dushku, Geena Davis, and Eve Torres should be a pretty good sample size of the aesthetic appeal of female Bostonians.



A suburb of Phoenix, Chandler is a city that is known for having one hell of a heat index. As a matter of fact, temperatures rise in this Arizona city to sizzling heights, exceeding triple digits for several months throughout the year. Well, Chandler knows a thing or two about hot, just ask former Miss Arizona USA (2006), Brenna Sakas, a Chandler Arizona native.



Anaheim may be known for its main attractions of the world renowned, Disneyland or its two professional sports teams, the Ducks and the Angels. However, it’s the city’s attractiveness of the ‘fairer sex’ that landed it number 8 on the list of hottest females in America.

San Diego


“Sunny” San Diego, California is home to some of the state’s finest beaches. California’s 2nd largest city also happens to be home to plenty of hot female residents that frequent these sandy beaches. The SO Cal city also happens to boast a climate that is warm year long. Not a bad city to live in, or visit for that matter.



Located at the southern tip of Florida, Hialeah is home to the countries highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban residents (Wikipedia). According to the scoring system of Hot or Not, this can only point to there being a lot of “hot” Cuban woman crawling around on this city in Southern Florida.



If you have ever been to Scottsdale and experienced the desert cities climate, “hot” is probably the first word that comes to mind when finding an adjective to describe it. Thanks to Hot or Not’s ranking of the hottest females in America, people now know that the women, like the weather, are sizzling. Just some extra food for thought, the New York Times considers downtown Scottsdale “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach”. Go figure.

Santa Ana


Coming in at number 3 on Hot or Not’s list of Hottest Females in America is the United States’ fourth most densely populated city, Santa Ana. Considered part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, this California metropolis isn’t a bad place to be in such close proximity with its residents. Known for its beautiful landscape as well as the many parks and recreational activities  that make up Santa Ana, the city is also apparently crawling with beautiful woman.



As California’s fourth entry on this list, Riverside ranks number 2 overall on the list of Hottest Females in America. Riverside, known for its violence and being the birthplace to Barry Bonds and Reggie Miller, also happens to be a place where hotter than average women roam.



Congratulations Stockton, CA, you are home to the hottest females in the country according to Hot or Not. Stockton may rank 13th in population of major California cities, however, when it comes to the hotness of its female residents, Stockton is second to none.

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