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Top 10 Craziest Hotels in the World


Whether you’re looking for a wild and crazy getaway, or you simply want to experience a night or two unlike anything you can find in your hometown, we’ve discovered the top ten most unusual hotels on the planet. Hoteliers around the world have stretched their imaginations to cater to your fondest—and perhaps even bizarre—dreams of a night or two like no other.

#10 The French Bubble Hotel, Attrap-Rêves


Unlike ordinary hotels where you board an elevator to your room, each room of the French Bubble Hotel room is a transparent, inflatable spherical bubble that nestles outdoors in nature under the stars. Enter through a zip-open door and you’ll find a spacious bed and custom furniture all oriented to give you a view of the alluring French countryside and, at night, the Milky Way galaxy. To complete your star-gazing dreams, the hotel provides a professional telescope. But that’s only the beginning. Bubble rooms come in several styles, including those with opaque walls, except at the top, for those who prefer a bit more privacy. The hotel attends to your every wish with a variety of packages including those with catered gourmet meals, an outdoor hot tub and with bubble models known as Zen, Love Life, Glamour, 1001 Nights of Love, and Chic & Design. Some even have manicured grass floors that bring the ultimate joy of living in nature.



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