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Top 10 Craziest Hotels in the World


#9 Canadian Ice Hotel, Hôtel de Glace


Planning a trip to Quebec City anytime between January and the end of March? Book a night at the Hôtel de Glace where the room temperature is kept between 28 and 23 Fahrenheit at all times. What would you expect at a hotel made entirely of ice? But fear not. Even though the queen sized beds are made of ice as well, the hotel provides every guest with a plush mattress—well, actually it’s more like a mattress pad—and an arctic sleeping bag rated to keep you warm and toasty even at -22 degrees. Before you retire, take time to visit the ice restaurant, or enjoy a cocktail at the ice bar served in a glass made of ice. Then, from 9AM to 9PM, revel in the Nordic relaxation area, complete with outdoor spas and saunas.



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