July 7, 2019

So you’ve decided that you would just take an amazing hotel for your next vacation this year. Whatever the reasons are, you don’t need to feel shortchanged just because you’re not flying to some exotic island paradise.  There are just as as many amazing hotels available right in your own hometown.

If you live in a large metropolis like Metro Manila, Cebu or Davao, you may realize that there are just myriads of hotels available. To look up travel websites just to find the right ones can be pretty daunting.  But no worries, because Agoda or agoda.com can help make that search less taxing.

Here are some main reasons why agoda.com stands out among the different hotel booking sites:

  1. It’s easier to look for the right hotel that fits your needs.  You can look up staycation hotels based on parameters that you input, based on the location, your desired accommodation dates, and your budget.  After inputting these, you will be brought to another page that lists all the possible hotels available during that time and the exact prices per night.  And with one click, you can easily book the room almost immediately and pay for it by credit card.  Don’t worry in case you change your mind later on, as Agoda gives you the option to cancel the reservation online, based on the hotel’s cancellation policies. Do take note of cancellation deadlines, though.
  2. You can compare different hotels in just one site. The nice part is that Agoda also gives you information about the hotel’s general amenities and services (shuttles, parking, facilities for disabled, etc.) right at the bottom of the hotel’s listing.  You can click on the hotel room you are interested in to see what it offers (number of beds, charge for extra bed, safe, WiFi connection, etc.)  Best of all, you can already see reviews and ratings per hotel from other guests.  All these will facilitate your final decision on which hotel to stay in.
  3. Agoda offers a reward points system.  You can register to be a member of this rewards program right after you choose your room.   Every room you book with agoda.com earns you points. You can use those points once you’ve accumulated at least 12,500 points.
  4. Agoda offers Insider Deals Deals.  Once you’re a member and regular user of Agoda, you can be informed of Insider Deals that Agoda does not offer publicly.  These involve special discounts or freebies which are available in at least 3,000 destinations worldwide.  Room rates are at least 5% cheaper than the posted rates on agoda.com.   The more rooms you book with agoda.com, the more discounts and treats you’ll be entitled to.
  5. Agoda offers Secret Deals.   Here’s another come-on for booking with agoda.com.  If you’re willing to take a gamble with your hotel reservation, you can try Agoda’s Secret Deal feature. The Secret Deal represents a booking with one of the high-end staycation hotels in your area at very attractive rates of as much as 15-40% discount off the standard room rate.  Rest assured that only hotels with 3-star or better ratings are participants in the Secret Deal.  Ratings are based on reviews and scores provided by previous customers of the hotels.  This means that you’ll get a really fantastic deal even if it’s a blind choice.

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